Hear My Baby Heartbeat Monitor App Reviews

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Be patient!

Just as unpredictable as your baby’s position is the unpredictability of you hearing the heartbeat. The first time I tried, I spent 10 minutes trying to no avail. The next day I heard it the moment I put the phone on my tummy. Some days I can’t find it at all, some day I find it all the time. And when I do, it is AWESOME!!! So purchase the app, but be patient!

Doesn’t work

I’ve tried and tried to get this app to work. It doesn’t. The bad thing, it won’t refund your money.

Doesn’t work

I am 11 weeks and I know their is a heart beat I just heard it at doctors office. I tried different areas on my stomach nothing. All I get is white noise 😕


This app is not as good as it’s written out to be. I paid and downloaded the app yesterday and after doing everything they instruct you to do I was still unable to locate nor hear a heartbeat. Not a happy customer!!!!

17 Weeks Pregnant

Heard the heartbeat at 17 weeks!

Would like to request a refund

For the price I expected this to work better. It sounds pretty much the same any position I try it whether trying to find my heartbeat or the babies. A lot of white noise. I would like a refund if possible.

Did not work

Wouldn’t work couldn’t hear anything not sure how people are hearing anything.

Waste of $4.99

I don’t know why I allowed myself to get suckered in to thinking this would actually work. It wouldn’t even pick up my own heartbeat, much less the baby’s.

A bit upset

I wishe it would let you test it out before buying it. I couldn’t get my baby at all.

Did not work

I tried several times, app did not work. Have contacted them twice for a refund with no response. I do not want further tips I just want a refund.

I’m getting a refund

Nothing at all just all static

Not good

This did not even find my own heart beat. I downloaded for fun to see if I could hear it and it did not work. Don’t waste your money.

Doesn’t work

I’m 18 weeks and was unable to hear heartbeat. It all just sounds like static. I would like a refund.


This app is awesome! I am able to record the baby’s heartbeat and send to to my husband and mom. I have been able to find the baby’s heartbeat a handful of times since downloading this, but i wouldn’t recommend it for worrisome mamas. It’s not going to work every time. When it does work, it’s so cool.

I hated it... until it finally worked!

I was skeptical to even download this app. I really didn’t believe an app on a phone could pick up my babies heart beat. With a recent scare resulting in a hospital visit, I figured it was worth a shot for peace of mind. I downloaded the app, got nice and comfy in a quiet room, followed all of the instructions, and could not find my baby. I found my own heartbeat fairly quick. I read tips and realized my anterior placenta may be an issue. I was incredibly upset and asked for a refund. Support was very kind and sent instructions on a refund (which I never did). Well today I figured why not try again, AND I FOUND HER! It took a few tries in different spots, and she kicked the whole time making it a little harder, but I got a very clear recording of her and even recorded my own for comparison! I am so happy I gave this a shot and tried as many times as I did! Don’t give up! I am 27 weeks with an anterior placenta, and I found the heartbeat with this!

Does not work

Don’t buy


I only heard mine. Everything else was white noise


I went against my better judgment and didn’t trust the reviews because I wanted to hear my babies heart beat... however, just like everyone else... all i hear is white noise, I can’t even find my own heart beat. Can you please refund my money to me? And please fix the bugs because I really want to be able to hear my baby.

Waste of money

Such a useless app. Shows the same beat all over your abdomen even when you are not even pregnant......i want a refund

Finally able to Share!

I downloaded this app 3 days ago and tried and tried to find my babies heart beat. Today I was finally able to find it! Not only was I able to get some reassurance that my baby is ok but I was able to share the heartbeat with my loved ones. So glad I spent the money!

Absolutely horrible! REFUND!

I bought this app thinking I could do this. No. Not a chance. I did all the directions right, and all I’m getting is white noise. I can’t even find my own heartbeat. I’m a plus size woman at that and still couldn’t find it. I want a refund. This was a rip off!

All static

I’ve tried this a number of times and all I hear is static even with my own heart beat. Probably best just to use the one at the dr office

Refund please

This is not a useful app for me. All it picked up was the pre stack noise that begin whenever there is skin contact with the mic. It would not even pick up my heartbeat. Very disappointed

Do not waste your money

Do not waste your money. I can barely find my own heartbeat, much less my baby’s heartbeat even at 36 weeks.

Don’t purchase

I am happy that you made an app for women to try and listen to the babies heart beat but I wish I would have listened to the reviews. I followed all instructions but it still doesn’t work. I wouldn’t go as far as saying I want my money back b/c I decided to buy this knowing it probably wouldn’t work, but I thought maybe it would. Everyone should really just go to their trained OB and stop buying this app.

Did not work

I followed all instructions and can not even hear my own heartbeat, the baby’s or my husbands. Do they refund money? I emailed u Monday, May 28th and no response for help.

Waste of money

Saw this app on Instagram Ad, doesn’t work for me, totally waste of money!


I am not happy with the $5 I spent to purchase this app. It does not work and I feel I wasted my money. I’d really like a refund.

This doesn’t work

Can I get a refund ?

Pretty cool

Pretty cool app to have; definitely have to know what you’re looking for as far as the sound goes and just have some patience.


I got this app hoping to hear my babies heartbeat. I never did. I’m 31 weeks pregnant and heard the heartbeat just the other day at the doctor. This app doesn’t work! It also charged me $16.98 instead of the $4.99 like it said it was going to. DO NOT GET THIS APP!!

My hubby is preggo too!

I tried this app to find my baby’s heartbeat as instructed. I saw a bunch of movement on the screen which I thought was a heartbeat. To test it out my husband put it on his belly in the same spot on his belly and he heard and saw the same thing. I guess we are having a miracle baby! What a waste of $2.99...

Don’t purchase

This app does not work at all I feel Cheated. Don’t recommend 👎🏼


Would Like a refund. I Personally did not find this app Useful.

I want my money back

I want my money back, I could barely hear my heartbeat paying much attention, not my baby's, it's app what it does is worry mothers, I thought something was wrong, if it was not because it moved, it would be in the Hospital now, for God's sake!

Such a relief!

I am only 13 weeks pregnant and have had several previous miscarriages. I’m so glad to have this on my phone and to know that it is accurate! ❤️ It really eases my worry. Thank you so much for developing this app for mom’s just like me.


Had to have a lot of patience but my second attempt a few days later :) I was able to hear my baby’s heartbeat ❤️ 14 weeks 5 days today :)


I’m only 9 weeks and I can hear my baby’s heartbeat. The only thing I would say that can be better is the static I want it to be more clear

It's a lie! DON'T BUY!! READ!!

You follow the steps to set up which include hearing the " mother's" heartbeat then the "baby's" heartbeat so you know what you're looking for. The developer has a wife and children so my theory is he's recorded all of them and when the phone makes contact with the skin, it causes the app to "play" the recording of his own family. I personally followed the instructions and believed it worked until I tested it on different parts of my body and realized that the baby's heartbeat was ANY where I put my phone. Once I activated the app, it no longer differentiated my heartbeat from my baby's. Then once I heard the baby's heartbeat in my hand, wrist, arm, thigh, calf and a few other places I came to the conclusion that this was a con that many people were falling for.

Miracle baby

After eight years I’m having another baby feels like the first time all over again but the moment I heard the heart beat I melted away!!! Amazing app only took a couple minutes to find a strong heart beat❤️

Labor and Delivery nurse approves!

I’m a labor and delivery nurse that is 10 weeks pregnant. I was super skeptical about this app because even with Dopplers and ultrasounds in the hospital we can often have trouble. I was planning on buying a Doppler for myself to use during pregnancy, but thought I would try this app first which is waaayyyy cheaper than the Dopplers you can buy online. It took some time, patience, and reposting, but I FOUND THE BABY’S HEARTBEAT!! I am blown away. I haven’t even had my first OB appointment yet so this is the first time hearing my baby! I cannot wait to take this to work and show my fellow OB nurses and doctors. I’m almost in tears right now because I’m so happy. Thank you for creating this awesome, cheap technology for us to use at home!!!

Not Worth $5!

I read the other reviews and should have listened! Waste of money for sure! Yes, I followed the very clear instructions and yes, I was patient etc! As for the tech who will most likely respond with the “...3% of our customers are doing something wrong..” no, not this customer! I did it all right and I believe this app is a low grade way to “maybe, if you’re lucky, and your placenta is right and the baby is facing right then you MAY have a chance to hear a heartbeat” is kind of bogus and you name yourself #1! That all being said, do yourself a favor (consumer) and buy a doppler off amazon, they work great and you hear a clearer heartbeat! I would love a refund!!!

Doesn’t work

Knew I shouldn’t have purchased this useless app! It doesn’t work. And before they try to reply and say “you’re doing something wrong,” I DID allow access for the app to use my microphone, I removed my phone case, and my volume was turned all the way up. Couldn’t find my own heartbeat even when I moved the phone in different angles. Their team is a joke to. Read the other reviews and their response to people having problems is “you’re doing something wrong.” Don’t waste your time with app people!


Paid for the app, made it through tutorial and now it crashes as soon as it opens. Please help.

I want a refund !

This app doesn’t work ! I want a refund !

Doesn’t work

Don’t waste your money

If I could have my money back.

Trying to listen to the baby is the same as listening to the meat on my arm or butt. Don’t waste your money people.

It works.

The app requires patience and VERY careful listening, but I was able to hear my baby’s heartbeat in just a few tries. It helps if you remember the last general area that your doctor/sonographer last located the sound—narrows down the ground you have to cover before you’re successful.


I purchased this app against my better judgement, and it does not work. I have the sound/microphone enabled as well as airplane mode activated. I was in a very quite room and couldn’t hear anything. I did not hear my heartbeat, and I am a nurse so I know exactly where my heart is located. I want a refund! Please do not waste your time with this app.

Don’t like it. Want a refund.

This app provided a heartbeat when it wasn’t even touching me..... I was curious why the HR was so much slower then what it had been at my appts and I moved it away from my stomach and it continued to beat at the same rate.

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