Hear My Baby Heartbeat Monitor App Reviews

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Don’t get your hopes up.

I’m disappointed with this app, I was nervous to download after reading such mixed reviews but I was hoping the good would out weigh the cons and I figured what’s 5 dollars to hear my baby girl? This app doesn't work at all.... I’m 20 weeks and hearing my daughters heart gives me a since of ease especially when I’m feeling nervous if she’s not moving much. I’ve sat for hours taking breaks in between just to try to get a heart beat. I should have listened to my gut feeling and never wasted my money.... don't waste your time, Unfortunately this app is bogus. 😔


Something must be wrong bc according to this app, my mattress even has a heartbeat 🙄

15 weeks and 2 days

I was skeptical because of all the negative reviews i saw but i bought anyways i bought this app when i was only 9 weeks pregnant and was not able to hear the heartbeat i was not worried because i had already gone to the dr for a visit and dr couldn’t find it either but dr did a ultrasound and baby had a strong heart beat he just said sometimes it’s normal not to hear so early it was just till this week that i was able to hear it and i am so excited that i can finally hear it and this is much cheaper than a $50 fetal monitor


I was also skeptical before downloading this app and was even more skeptical when I first tried to use this. On my second attempt, I definitely got to hear my baby’s heartbeat and was no longer skeptical but was joyous!! Thank you for inventing this app. It is true that it is hard to find where the heart beat is, but once you get to hear it, it is priceless!

7 weeks 3 Days!

This app is amazing! I am only 7 weeks pregnant and I was able to find my baby’s heart beat really quick! It is worth the money and beats a 100$ sonogram!

Hard to tell...

Early in the pregnancy, it’s really hard to tell what you’re listening for. Later on during my pregnancy, I could hear a heartbeat, but it was never super clear. I didn’t end up using the app hardly at all, because it was just too difficult to find a clear heartbeat.

Tried everything

I have not found a heartbeat yet, airplane mode on, quiet room, different angles, different hours, low volume. Nothing ☹️ I am 36 weeks pregnant, and it does not work, does not even pick up my own heartbeat for the test run.

Has never worked for me!

Never has it worked for my I bought the app when I was 12 weeks I am now 33 weeks pregnant and still doesn’t work! Not spend your money here


How do I get a refund? Thank you.

Surprisingly impressed by this app

I bought this app at 17 weeks, and was very skeptical. Some said it worked, some said it really didn’t and were unhappy. So I chanced it and decided I’ve wasted worse money before, so I’d give it a shot. Go figure, it didn’t work. It could pick up my own heart when I put it to my chest but no baby. So I said whatever and hadn’t used it again until 27 weeks. Oh my goodness it found my son immediately! I shrieked and my husband came and listened too, I got several flawless recordings of his heartbeat, no fake reviews, no fake “app made” heartbeat, ALL BABY! I know this because I hadn’t been able to find it before. Definitely impressed with this, and no regrets on spending the money on it.

It works!

I’m only 11 weeks and I found my baby’s heartbeat with no problems!! I first watched a YouTube video of a woman at 11weeks finding hers with a Doppler, then I just tried listening in the same area she did, and it worked!! This app is such an anxiety reliever. Particularly this early before you can feel the baby moving.

Want a refund

Opened it for a few seconds and it’s stupid how do I get my refund


How do I get a refund. It wouldn’t even find my own heartbeat. Thank you.

I found it!

I bought this app a while with no success (no surprise, I was pretty early on when I bought it). I am 24 weeks today and found her heartbeat!!! Very cool!

Yeah....doesn’t work

This app doesn’t worked. Followed all the tips and it’s just not working at all. Not worth the money spent.

hasn’t worked for me. need refund

i’ve been trying it since I downloaded it and I still can’t hear my baby’s heartbeat. I would like a refund please.

Does not work.

I am 33 weeks pregnant. I have been trying to make this app work for the past three months and had no luck. I followed instructions to a tee, still nothing. 😔 Absolutely does not work.


I am about 6 weeks and I found my baby’s heart. This is amazing

Terrible app and probably a scam!

Could barely hear my own heart let alone my baby’s. This app looks like a scam: a lousy app with great (probably fake) reviews, no developer website, no support email, no contact at all! Think twice before paying for it!

Does not work

I used this when i became further along. Was excited to use it and pressed record and instantly started to make its own recording before I even touched my skin. Wish there was a refund since the $5 I spent on it.

Didn’t work

I’ve had the app since approximately 22 weeks. I’m now 33 weeks and haven’t found anything with this app. Baby girl moves all the time and is super healthy, and I’ve tried all the tips the app offers, it’s just clearly not meant to be. Found my own heartbeat very clearly on multiple occasions, but just random static on my belly.

Does not work

37 weeks pregnant and still does not work... following all the “rules” too.

Not worth the money

Sounds fun in theory. This just doesn’t work. I tried tons of times for 10 minutes at a time. Followed all the tips and it just doesn’t work. This is my third child so I know where and how to find it. I thought it would be fun to be able to show the kids but it just doesn’t work. 🤷🏼‍♀️ waste of $4.99 for sure.


I am 12w3d pregnant and was able to hear the heartbeat! It took about 10-15 min but I’ve heard it in the office so I had an idea of where to try to listen. The only downfall is I use a life proof case, and I didn’t realize until after purchase that you have to remove the case to use the app...that would have been great to know ahead of time. That being said, it is pretty awesome to hear the heartbeat through my phone!!

Horrible...absolutely horrible

Honestly not worth the $ or frustration. Incredibly disappointed that I wasted money on an app that does nothing at all aside from irritating me. If I could give 0 stars I would. Will be pursuing a refund for this nonsense

How do I get my money back?

I couldn’t even hear my heartbeat. I took the phone case off, went to a quiet room. Followed all the steps. Can I have my $5 back please????

Heard at 11 weeks!

I was really skeptical and honestly, it doesn’t sound as clear as you might think it would, but we definitely heard the heartbeat tonight. Totally worth the $4.99 to make “contact” with our baby for the first time.

This App puts a smile on my face

I am having issues with my pregnancy with a little bleeding happening. I have an ultrasound Monday but until then I get to stress and freak out. This isn’t my first baby and I’m a pro at hearing the heartbeat. I am going on 9 weeks and I am able to hear my baby in there. I know that seems very soon but I know what I’m listening for and this app makes it so darn simple. Worth every cent to get the App ad free and also able to but put on airplane mode for safety reasons. I’m so happy to have this app so I can whip it out when I’m a ball of nerves!! Thank you so much for helping a nervous mom calm down which is healthier for my baby.


Was skeptical of this, after ready all the reviews, I only found that very few were saying bad things. So I decided to test my luck and buy it. I love hearing my baby’s heart beat.. Once I downloaded it I followed all the instructions, and before listening for baby, I listened for my own heart beat, and I could hear it clear as day. Next I was on the hunt for baby’s heartbeat. I will admit it took a couple hours.. taking breaks here and there, then finally I heard it... clear as ever.. this is a great app. The only thing that worries me is having my phone pressed to my stomach like that, and the possible effects it could have on him, other than that this app is amazing. Highly recommend. 💞❤️

Not worth it.. want a refund.

Read the reviews but thought we’d give it a shot. Read the instructions carefully. Apparently I’m dead because it couldn’t even find my own heartbeat. I know our baby has a strong heartbeat and is healthy. I’m 5 months pregnant and it is fairly easy to find his location but this was a waste of time trying to do it at home. I’d like a refund!

Love this app

Genius idea thanks!!!

Oh my baby!

At first it took me a while to differentiate the static from the heart beat. But once I got the right angle on my tummy I heard the beautiful beat loud and clear. Don’t give up it really works!

App won’t work.

No matter what I try I can’t I find my baby’s heartbeat, I’ve had the app for over a week now. I emailed support and still haven’t heard back from them. Highly disappointed since there was good feedback on the app and the support team. I want my money back now but no one has responded to my email.

Does not work!!!

This app is a waste of money. It doesn’t work at all. Barely even finds my heartbeat. Definitely does not find the baby’s. Don’t waste your money on this!

Does not work

I’ve been trying every day to hear my baby’s heartbeat and this app has not worked once for me. Do not waste your money. In addition, I tried to contact the developer through their website and the website wouldn’t not allow me to do so.


Excuse me it charged me 17$. Can someone contact me!

OMG! It really does work!

I am 8 weeks today and had a scare at 6.4 weeks where I thought I had miscarried. I downloaded another baby heart app for $4.99 but doesn’t compare to the results I got from this one. This by far gave me peace of mind to get me through my first prenatal appointment. It took very little time to find a solid heartbeat but could be that I did it late at night when it’s extremely quiet and baby sleeping (?). My only wish is I didn’t come across this app sooner when I was in panic mode 1.5 weeks ago lol Definitely happy with the outcome and would highly recommend.

Not bad, but could be better

There are times I’ve started to hear a heartbeat with this app, even at 13 weeks but haven’t successfully recorded it yet. My issue is the record button is on the very bottom and my belly keeps bumping it so it goes from “listening” to “recording” without me knowing or seeing because my belly is in the way. The record button should really be at the top of the screen to easily access, especially since you are pushing your phone onto your belly where the microphone is on the bottom and you won’t have to wonder if you are recording or not. So once I’ve started to hear something, I don’t know if I’ve hit record and I don’t want to move and lose the heartbeat. Hoping to keep trying and capture it, but it would be better with access to record on top of the screen, rather than on the bottom.

Doesn’t work!

I can feel with my hand the baby’s heartbeat, put my phone at the exact spot and doesn’t work. Barely picked up my own heartbeat...junk.

I loved it 💙

I was really skeptical about, it took my a little while to fine my baby I had no idea where she or he was but when I found the heart beat I went nuts lol I was so excited I really enjoy this app!. 4.99 not bad..


I have tried several times nothing This app is terrible don’t waste your money

Doesn’t work.

I’ve tried for weeks to find my baby’s heart rate and all I get is white noise. This app does not work. Save your money.

No good!

I don’t hear anything but static. This app is not worth the money!!!

First time user

I’m having trouble with my app it’s not working at all


Does not work at all and I have a iPhone X

It’s not working properly

I want to return it and get my refund back. It doesn’t work on me at all. I can hear something but it’s not clear if it’s a heartbeat or not and I’m already on my 3rd trimester.

9 weeks!

I am 9 weeks as of yesterday 9/25/2018 and that is when they say you can hear the heartbeat on ultrasound so I went ahead and tried it first thing in the morning & BAM a heart beat that was clear as day!! This app is amazing!


15 weeks and 3 days. Does not work!


I’m almost 27 weeks and I have never heard the heartbeat. This is my third so I know what I’m looking for. Very much a disappointment.

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