Hear My Baby Heartbeat Monitor App Reviews

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Should be free

I thought this could be cool... but it totally doesn’t work. Don’t waste your money!

Not worth your money. At all.

Don’t buy this app, I’ve spent days trying& doing everything it says to. It’s annoying. Like if you guys really want to hear your baby’s heart beat buy the real thing, not from some crappy app😒


I rarely leave reviews but this definitely works! Key is knowing where the baby is located and it makes it much easier. Find the baby first then look in that area for heartbeat. Love that I can record it! I’m 17 weeks and heard it loud and clear!

Don’t pay for this app

I got this app around 13 weeks and realized it won’t work until around 16. I’m now 19 and still can’t find the heartbeat. It’s just not worth it. It’s not easy to use and even the people that can find it, the sound is not good.


This app does not work, I’ve tried several times I’m 27 weeks pregnant and I I hear in constant static. Wanting a refund. Very frustrated.


Only work one time 😡😡 .... i need my money back 😡😡😡😡

Doesnt work

Would like a refund this app does not work


Could not hear anything except what was already prerecorded on there. Would like a refund!

Don’t buy

Couldn’t even find my own heartbeat. Only gave off white noise 😭


Would be great if they moved the record button to the top of the page. Anytime I try to listen, my belly hits start and stop on record constantly. Very annoying!!!

Waste of money

Can’t even get my own heartbeat. And yes, I’m using it correctly as per the directions.

App really works !!!

I am 9weeks pregnant and I got hear the heart beat 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

Refund please!!

Refund me my money please i couldnt even find my heart beat and i had the microphone turned on

I can’t hear baby’s heartbeat

I followed the instructions very clearly and can only just barely hear my heartbeat and can not get baby heartbeat at all. I’ve tried different times in case of positioning and it still does work. I’ve tried contacting someone for help to see if I need to try something different and have not received an answer. If I don’t hear back soon I will probably be asking for a refund.

White Noise

All I hear is white noise. I have followed all of the instructions. I would like a refund please.

Couldn’t even find my heartbeat!

Don’t waste your money on this app, I couldn’t even find my own heartbeat.

Sooo cool!!!

I was such a skeptic but I so worked and I am only 10 weeks!!! I listened to mine and recorded so I can what it should sound like but faster and it took a few minutes but totally worked!!! Worth the money!!!

Doesn’t work

Can’t find mine or babies heart beat just sounds like white noise. Please refund

Don’t waste your money

This app is pure garbage. There used to be a Shell app similar to this but it could not be more different. It’s basically just screeching and you can’t tell the difference in anything even the examples they give you. Overall, it gave me a headache and lost me $5 I guess. It’s a shame companies seriously make apps like this, they have to know don’t work well, because they know excited moms will buy them. I’ll be investing in an Amazon Doppler for sure!

What an amazing concept

Found heartbeat right away. I love that you can record!

Great App to hear baby’s heart beat!

I’m 30 weeks Pregnant and it’s always fun to listen to his little heart beat now and again! This is a wonderful app to do so!

Did not work

Would like refund

I can hear my baby’s beat

I really didn’t trust in this app because I am just 14 weeks, but when I used it I didn’t believe, I can hear my baby’s beat and mine; I don’t know what happened but This app was free 3 days ago, now it has a price. It amazing!!! Thank you developers.

Needs a number tries to have a chance

This app works 50% of the time. You need to try regularly and at moments you can hear the heartbeat and then it goes if the baby moves. It's a really nice little app, and if you understand that you need patience you'll enjoy it. As others have pointed out, not for those who worry easily.

Great Support

So I pressed 'Don't Allow' to the microphone and couldn't understand why I couldn't even get my own heartbeat. The support is brilliant and sorted it out for me really quickly.

So happy

I love this app a lot.

Good experience

The kind of app you love or hate, if you get a result you'll love it, and I can imagine if you can't (and we've tried on a friend) you think it's terrible. For sure you need patience and to know what you're looking for. Definitely listen to the examples to work out what you should be listening for, otherwise it will seem like lots of noise.

Hit and Miss

They ask you to test on your own heartbeat first so you know you've got it set up correctly, which is a good idea, and that part is straight-forward. You'll need some patience with this app, but that is to be expected!

Not worth it

This product doesn't work. Even after multiple attempts. Not worth it at all.


I downloaded the app. I have heart apnea. (And other stuff). So recording my heart beat was never this easy. Application has application upon possible application. Yahoo! Thanks

Doesn't work

It wouldn't even pick up MY heartbeat. I used all of the apps suggestions on how to make it work, and nothing actually did work.

Waste of money 😤😤😤

I doesn't work. Bad app. Please give me back my $4,99 it's a rip off, overprice and useless.

Incredibly fun app!

This is the the most fun and inspirational app. I have downloaded to my phone! Easy too, it only took my daughter just a few moment to record my soon to be Grandson's heart beat! Oh what a wonderful feeling when you hear the babies heart beat for the first time! I recommend it highly!

Great Product

This app worked great, was surprised to hear that little heartbeat. Highly recommend.

Love this app!

I love being able to hear my baby's heartbeat! It's so comforting knowing that I am able to check my baby's heartbeat any time of the day or night! Highly recommend this app!

I can't believe it actually worked!

I was very surprised at how well this app actually works! I was very excited to hear my baby's heart beat! The app also looks wonderful and has some cool features.

This app keeps me calm!

In the last weeks of my pregnancy I was having a few complications and having this app available and working consistently was what kept me from worrying too much about my baby. I was able to easily locate my baby's heartbeat once a day. Worth every penny!

Don't buy it

The worst application I have purchased in Apple Store. It does not deliver what it promises! Too expensive

I heard my baby's heartbeat!!

This app is amazing! I first heard my baby's heartbeat at 27 weeks and now that I'm 32 weeks, it gets easier every time. Looking forward to using the app through all 40 weeks!!

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