Hear My Baby Heartbeat Monitor App Reviews

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It worked for me at 13 weeks!

Didn’t take that long at all. A few times of trying and knowing what to listen for. I love this app! Thank you!

Not working

I purchased this program and used it but unfortunately this program does not work.👎👎👎👎👎

Angry Laisis

I’m very upset I downloaded the app deleted it five mins of purchasing it and it charged me I would like my refund

Waste of money

Been trying for weeks but nothing. Even had my OB give it a shot and nothing.... Are any of these reviews from real people?

I was skeptical and then BLOWN away

I’m a first time mom and I’m definitely extremely paranoid and scared of anything and everything happenings to my baby. I was skeptical at first about an app being able to hear my baby’s heartbeat and I even tried a few times before and it didn’t work. I was trying to not get my hopes up due to only being 18 weeks pregnant because the required week is closer to 25, so I thought I’d wait a couple of days and see what happens. The app doesn’t lie, you definitely have to have patience and just stay calm because I found my baby’s heartbeat today and literally burst into tears, I now have a way of calming my nerves and being able to make sure everything is okay with my son. I know most of you are skeptical about spending 5 dollars on an app but I GUARANTEE it’s the best 5 dollars I’ve ever spent


I found my babies heartbeat ! It took a couple minutes because I kept getting my pulse and I’m a bit chubby haha! I found her heart beat right under my belly button. ❤️

32 weeks and still nothing

I got the app at 22 weeks pregnant and still at 32 weeks I can’t hear a heart beat. Do not recommend.


Idk if I’m actually hearing my baby’s heart beat or mine

I’m getting a refund

Nothing at all just all static Update: finding my so called heartbeat wasn’t the problem, but to me it was funny no matter where I placed it on my body it all sounded the same. I really don’t care about your statistics it didn’t work, seems like just another scam. Have a good day.


I can say I’m disappointed with this app. I have tried and tried for hours at time to find my baby’s heart beat. I feel like I paid 4.99 for the app to be able to hear nothing at all.

9 weeks

Found baby’s heartbeat at 9 weeks. Be patient and understand what you’re listening for!

Doesn’t work

I don’t know what else to do, but I have tried so many times and I can not hear a heartbeat. Super bummed esp since it was 5$

Did not work for me

Unfortunately this app did not work for me. Requesting refund

Doesn’t work

App didn’t work properly need a refund

Don’t buy this

Thought it was so cool until I kept getting the same heart rate count every time in every spot. Now my couch has a heartbeat too so I imagine this is rigged and doesn’t work properly 😂🙄


How do I get a hold of customer service for this app

Doesn’t work

No matter how much I tried, I could never find the heart beat. I gave up and bought a Baby Doppler which worked perfectly the first try.


Such a waste of money and time! I can’t hear anything and I’ve had 2 other kids so I know what I’m listening for. Would NOT recommend this to anyone.

Don’t do it

Don’t waste your money. Didn’t work even after following directions and I’m 36 weeks pregnant should have been easy to find my own and my baby and nothing. I want a refund on this stupid app.

It works! It really does 😍

At first like yourself I was skeptical & went through the reviews hoping I wasn’t giving into some Instagram Ad 😂 I’m so glad a took the leap of hope because I just heard her heartbeat!! Being that I’ve had 2 miscarriages this kind of app is the exact peace of mind that this expecting momma needed 💕 btw I’m 19wks

Makes the same sounds off and on the belly

I’ve noticed that you can put this on any object and it will make the same kinds of sounds. I’m 22 weeks and I regret downloading this app. It’s not clear at all. I even tried at my doctors appointment and the OBGYN said I shouldn’t trust this app. It failed to pick up the heartbeat in the same areas as the actual Doppler machine.

It’s a BS

It doesn’t work . I have been trying for hours and nothing happen. I would like a refund. I have spent 5 dollars for nothing.

Waste of money

Would have given a 0 star rating if allowed. App does not work AT ALL. Please do not waste your money. I followed all instructions and still did not work. I really wish I hadn’t wasted $4.99 on this silly app. I would like to update my review after I had a generic customer service response from this company as to my review. Like I had said previously I had followed all instructions clearly and carefully. The FAQ page was pretty much the exact same instructions so that was of no help. I could hear what somewhat sounded like my own heartbeat. I am well within the parameters and weeks of when I should be using this app. When I went to a follow up with my obgyn office the other day they also tried using this app. After using their fetal doppler and getting a clear as day heartbeat within seconds they laughed saying I wasted my money on an app and to just go ahead and buy a fetal Doppler for home use because it is much more accurate.

Doesn’t work

I decided to try this before I went out and bought another real Doppler. Horrible idea it was a waste of money all you here is static the whole time. It doesn’t matter if you take the case off or not. I couldn’t even find my heart beat with it.

I don’t regret purchasing this app.

I just purchased it yesterday evening and was getting frustrated. I did everything the directions said to do. So I thought. But I had read the reviews and I thought I’d just leave it til this morning. I was pressing the whole bottom of my phone to my skin. You basically should ONLY press the microphone side so that you don’t get the “white noise” that muffled out the heart beat. Once I did that, I could clearly hear my baby’s heartbeat. I’m about 40lbs overweight and was able to hear through my layer of fat lol. I’m 26 weeks today.

Was good, but no longer works

When I first downloaded this app, I was able to find my own heartbeat really quick and easily, eventually the found what I think was babies but at only 13 weeks, I couldn’t be sure my baby was big enough to hear with an app. 18 weeks now and I have tried numerous times to even get my heartbeat recorded, but the noise literally sounds the same wherever I place the microphone on my body and doesn’t pick up a heartbeat anywhere. Kinda frustrating since I was excited to maybe find the heartbeat now that baby is much bigger!

So cool

It’s hard to tell, especially for a new mom of what to listen for but it’s not impossible once you listen to your own heartbeat first. I’m 18 weeks and found it within a good few tries in one night.

Doesn’t work

Don’t waste your money, I couldn’t hear anything, tried several times and nothing

7 weeks 5 days

I was skeptical in ordering the app. I read all the reviews before buying and was like if it cost five bucks its worth it in my opinion. The first time i tried for about an hour as i am so early i was having a hard time finding the heartbeat. But i read the tips and i waited about an hour for the baby to move around a bit. Found a small quiet place in my house and started midway under my belly button and found it. I was super excited to hear it and see the consistency of my new little one on the screen..... I’m ocd so I’ll probably check every couple days but i love this app already and couldn’t be happier with the results. Now i can show the kids the happy heartbeat of the new addition to our family. If you’re skeptical on downloading don’t be, just be patient and you will find that bundle of joy. Beats a sonogram machine purchase any day and any worries of if the baby is safe and sound!!!!! Great app guys

16 weeks

This app is GREAT!!! Didn’t think it would work at first but gave it a try and IT WORKED!!

READ , Its True It WORKS!

HELOOO i never EVERRRR write reviews unless its worth my time . This app not only is 5 bucks but really works . Knowing where to look for the baby, since everytime i go in to my Drs baby is always below my belly button i calmly layed down and made contact w my skin and found the beat . You do however have to move your phone around til you find your baby . I suggest you trying to hear your heart beat first so you know what to look for ...except babys beat is super fast superrrr fast compared to ours. Im always doing activities that make me wonder if my bean is still OK 🙄 (not intentionally) so yeah this app is a must . ..for worried moms 😋💗🙌🏻 love it .


I have tried for two months and it barely can find my heartbeat clearly. I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

I love itttt

I’m 9 weeks maybe 13 weeks haven’t found it my exact due date... but I’m sure I’m 9 weeks... but it’s a wonderful app and I’m addicted to it.. every night before I sleep I listen to my baby’s heart beat...but I also we should also beable to see the babies heart rate... just an suggestion but overall we getting what we paid for... 😘😘

I was skeptical but...

I am glad my curiosity won out. My baby girl is a mover so it took me about 15-20 minutes to finally catch her heartbeat. I am 25 weeks and I love hearing the sound of her moving and her little heart. Now I can share this with my SO since he can’t make it to every dr visit with me.


Didn’t like the app tried it about three different times and it hasn’t worked and I am 33 weeks pregnant and still can’t pick up a heartbeat so I had to go out and get a fetal Doppler in order to hear my son.😡😡😡


i tried over 10 times and i layed on my back for better results but still nothing. i even trying checking my heartbeat so it would be easier but it does nothing but make that noise i always makes ! i wouldn’t spend the $5 if i were you. I WANT MY MONEY BACK

Don’t work!

This app isn’t working.😒 I wasted my money. Can I have a refund??

It didn’t work

I tried several times on several different days and couldn’t get it to work. I’m a nurse and know what I was listening for. When I attempted to contact support, the website wasn’t user friendly.

Worked for me!

Patience is the key. It took awhile, I tried each week as soon as 7 weeks and finally heard it at 10 weeks. I don’t think you will hear it early on but give it time.

Need Help

I’ve been trying for days to get a heartbeat and I can’t. I’m 17 weeks almost 18 and all I get is horrible static. Even my heartbeat is very hard to hear no matter how quiet it is. All I get is static. Please help

It worked

It took us a second to find her but then there was her little heart beat. :)

Just downloaded it

Just downloaded it and it keeps crashing I can’t even try it .. please help I’m on a iPhone 7

Waste of Money

Not only could I not hear the baby’s heartbeat, I could not find my husband’s or mine. Don’t bother trying, I bought it because of the select few of good reviews and now I regret it.

Not worth the money

I thought it would be worth a shot to purchase the app and try it, but it ended up a disappointment. I have made multiple attempts to hear my baby’s heartbeat with no luck. I have spent almost an hour at a time going over every inch I could and never managed to find the heartbeat. If I could get a refund I would. Waste of money!! Do not purchase.


Love this app!! Had trouble hearing the heart beat early in pregnancy, you have to wait until you’re about 14 weeks and on..I recommend this app to all mommas!!!!!

15 weeks! Well worth the money spent!

It took me about 10minutes to find the heartbeat, but once I found it, I was able to record a good 20 second clip! It’s amazing to hear it in the comfort of your own home, and it definitely puts your mind at ease! I’ve used other apps, and this one is the best!! Be patient, stay relaxed, and don’t freak out if you can’t hear your baby at first. They’re wiggling around so much, that sometimes you can’t get a good read, but keep at it! You won’t be disappointed! ♥️


Going to give it another try later on but so far not pleased at all. Can’t find the babies heartbeat tried everything the tips said and still nothing. Downloaded this app to ease my worries not make them worse or get upset trying to find the heartbeat.


It’s easy to use but it doesn’t sound anything like a heartbeat. I’d like a refund.

Tried everything

I have not found a heartbeat yet, airplane mode on, quiet room, different angles, different hours, low volume. Nothing ☹️

Does not work 😒

I brought this app with the anticipation of hearing my baby’s heart beat. However, I couldn’t even hear mine clearly. Just sounded like a lot of white noise.

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